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Warranty Policy: This warranty policy is issued by FreeFuelForever Ltd. and applies to solar water heaters purchased at regular prices by original customers from FreeFuelForever Ltd. 

Warranty Guarantees: FreeFuelForever Ltd. warrants each product manufactured and sold to be free from defects in materials and in workmanship at the date of sale to the customer. FreeFuelForever Ltd. guarantees that solar thermal collectors shall be free from manufacturing defects resulting in leakage of heat transfer fluid when operating within the specified pressure limits and using approved liquids. FreeFuelForever Ltd. guarantees that the evacuated tubes in any solar collector shall be free from manufacturing defects resulting in spontaneous loss of vacuum. FreeFuelForever Ltd. guarantees that after installation by a certified FreeFuelForever Ltd. installer of any solar system, solar collectors shall be free from manufacturing defects causing loss of structural integrity, resulting in distortion of the metal frame and water tank, as installed.

Warranty Period: The basic warranty period for all products sold is one year from date of sale. Extended service packages are offered for additional years of warranty as the customer desires.

Installation Procedure: Installation must be in accordance with the relevant FreeFuelForever Ltd. installation manual available on the FreeFuelForever.com website. Solar systems must be installed by an authorized FreeFuelForever Ltd. Dealer, who will then forward details of the installation to FreeFuelForever Ltd. For the warranty to apply, the certified installer must email info@FreeFuelForever.com a description of what solar water heaters were installed and the original customer name and address within 30 days of invoiced delivery of the solar heaters.

Exclusions from Warranty: Units that are re-sold or purchased on one-off special prices, such as demonstration units or damaged units, are specifically excluded from the basic warranty, but qualify for extended service package coverage if the customer desires. If the solar PV direct pump is run dry, without liquid to cool it, the pump will naturally overheat and burn out, so the warranty does not apply. To determine if the pump was mistreated, the pump must be returned to the point of sale for repair or replacement (shipping cost at customer expense).Additionally, the warranty does not apply in case of: neglect, accident, ordinary wear and tear, damage from shipping, handling, or any act of God. any installation not in accordance with the appropriate FreeFuelForever Ltd. installation manual. any installation not in accordance with relevant standards and safety regulations. failure due to corrosion, rather than manufacturing defects failure of components not supplied by FreeFuelForever Ltd. failure to fasten to solid structures, resulting in movement or vibration exposure to wind speeds over 130 km/hour structural alterations to the solar collector relocation from original point of installation solar collector left dry (no liquid) and left exposed to sun for 14 days or more exceeding maximum pressures listed under website solar collector specifications using flow rates greater than 15 liters per minute, through the collector letting water freeze solid in pipes. using water full of dissolved salts, resulting in scale formation installation of collectors in series without flexible connections, so that temperature changes put stress on the collectors. failure to replace rubber and silicon O-ring seals, or using petroleum on the same.

Warranty Claims: A customer must notify the FreeFuelForever Ltd. dealer in writing (email info@freefuelforever.com) of any alleged defect in the product. To receive replacement of solar water heaters, the customer must provide a photograph of the failed component, showing the point of failure. The component must be kept in storage for 90 days and made available for inspection by a FreeFuelForever Ltd representative, but no return is needed for evacuated tubes. Electrical products must be returned for inspection by the dealer who sold the product. The dealer will investigate to determine if the warranty applies. FreeFuelForever Ltd. will have sole discretion to determine if the defect violates the warranty. The customers sole and exclusive remedy is the repair or replacement of the product. FreeFuelForever Ltd. total liability to the customer is limited to the purchase price of the product. FreeFuelForever Ltd. will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or similar damages, including, without limitation, any damages resulting from a breach of warranty by a product. No other warranties are expressed or implied by FreeFuelForever, except those listed above. FreeFuelForever Ltd. disclaims any and all representations that contradict the warranty above.