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Water Heater Element, Electric Backup, 1000 W


Water Heater Element, Electric Backup, 1000 W:

Water heater element with tube for thermocouple temperature probe. Heavy duty, high quality steel welded construction. Designed to fit inside solar water heater tank, but works with any controller. Can even be used with a simple on/off switch. Input voltages 120/240 VAC. No moving parts; electric resistance heater has water proof circular end seal with screw holes. Screw hole pattern fits solar water tank heater openings. Fits any thermostat or timer to turn on the backup heat when solar water heating is insufficient. Heater element has a tube between the elements, designed as a place to install a thermocouple temperature probe, if an electronic controller requires thermocouple input.

Length: 35 cm (14 inch) Diameter: 7 cm (2.8 inch) Weight: 2 kg (4 lb)