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Solar Water Heater Vacuum Tubes, Open End, 1.5 meter, box of 10


Solar Water Heater Vacuum tubes,1.5 meter, Box of 10

1.5 meter long/47 mm diameter

Shipping Open Ended Tubes 
Using Solar Vacuum Tubes

Heat absorbing solar water heater vacuum tubes
99% heat absorption efficiency
Lifetime greater than 10 years
Vacuum ensures no heat loss
Withstands 1/4 inch hailstones
Double walled evacuated tubes

High efficiency glass tubes may be used with metal heat pipes and fin inserts or passive solar water heaters that circulate water directly in the evacuated tubes. Solar energy is trapped on the black absorber surface, which is deposited on the inner glass using thin-film technology. The heat on the inside of the tubes is transferred to either water filling the tube, or metal heat pipes, as installed. A vacuum between the inner and outer glass tubes prevents heat energy from being conducted away to the outside environment. Outside air temperature is almost irrelevant. The vacuum that separates the absorption surface from the outside environment eliminates conductive or convective heat transfer.

Maximum Service Temperature: 95 C (203 F)
Length (nominal): 1500 mm 
Outer tube diameter : 47 mm 
Glass thickness: 1.6 mm (0.1")
Thermal expansion: 3.3x10-6 oC
Material: Boro-silicate Glass 3.3
Absorptive Coating: Cu/AL/SS/N2
Transmission Through Glass: >92% (AM1.5)
Absorptivity Coefficient: > 94%
Emittance: < 7%
Vacuum: P< 5x 10-4 Pa
BTU Output Per Day (standard) 1200 BTU/tube
Average system Efficiency: 71% with heat pipes
Estimated Lifespan 25-30 Years
Weight (tubes with frame): 5 lbs each, glass only

1.5 meter/4.9 foot
47 mm
20 kg (44 lbs)