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Poly-B Potable Water Pipe, Flexible, 1/2 inch, per roll


Pressure Potable Water Pipe

Plastic Drinking Water Hose pipe, 1/2 inch, 100 feet per roll

Suitable for potable water applications.

Plastic UV resistant flexible. 100 PSI at 180 F or 200 PSI at 73 F. ASTM D3309 Line 2.

Can send you a roll or two as required, give us message and say how much you need!

What is Poly B plumbing?

Polybutylene pipe, or its common name, Poly B, is a flexible grey pipe used in residential plumbing systems and hot water heating systems since the late 1970's. Copper supply piping has been used for over a hundred years in Canada. Recently it has been replaced in a large scale by plastic primarily because of cost

Plastic was introduced since it delivers water much the same as copper and because it is far more economical to purchase and install. Poly-B supply piping was the first generation plastic piping that extensively replaced copper. It is well suited for potable water plumbing applications. Poly-B is able to withstand the high and low temperatures found in plumbing and heating applications. In fact, it is designed to handle hot water conditions up to 82 degrees centigrade. Poly-B was approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for residential use. At present in Canada, Poly-B appears to be a reliable plumbing system with a very, very low incident rate of failures, most of which have been attributed to poor workmanship. The Canadian experience with the two primary Poly B components has been much different than that of consumers in the United States. Consumers in the southern United States have experienced problems due to installation related issues and product performance. Many U.S. failures occurred in southern areas where plumbing was run in attics (a practice not used in Canada) where the piping can be literally baked by excessive heat and in areas with excess chlorine or chemical content. Consumers in BC and Canada had their Poly-B piping installed correctly using copper or brass metal insert fittings and soft copper crimping rings, not the plastic insert fittings with either aluminum or copper bands which are reported to be more susceptible to failure as used in the States.

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