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Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze, 1 Gallon


Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze, 1 Gallon (3.78 liter) Containers

Anti-Freeze protection good to -50 degrees.

Corrosion Protection additive

Can be used for winterizing RVs, Cottages, Pools, Boats, Campers

Non-toxic and Biodegradable formula

Hall-Chem Brand of plumbing anti-freeze; recommended for winterizing of fresh water plumbing systems and swimming pool filter systems. Recommended for solar swimming pool hot water systems using a heat exchanger. Can be used with potable water applications


Thoroughly drain all water from holding tank, lines and water heater, removing filters in purifier.

Add plumbing anti-freeze full strength to the holding tank.

Bleed and drain the system

Not necessary to dilute; plumbing anti-freeze may be used as is. Non-toxic, so if potable water is used from the system after the anti-freeze is removed, simply flush the system until all color is removed.

See solar_water_heater_installation_manual for plumbing instructions

4 kg (8.8 lb)