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Aluminum fins, heat transfer, 1.8 meter


Aluminum Fins to Hold Metal Heat Pipes For Solar Water Heater, price is for fin only. See other listings for the heat pipes, tubes, caps and frames.

Aluminum fins, or guides, to be inserted into standard solar water heater vacuum tubes. These fins fit standard 1800 mm long, 47 mm inside diameter solar water heater tubes (not to be confused with the 58 mm outside diameter). The center of the fin holds a heat pipe, as shown in the photos. This listing is only for the fins; with the tubes, heat pipes and complete solar water heater panels being sold in other listings.

These heat-conducting fin inserts are designed for use in the TZ58 / 1800 20 R1 panel, which is a vacuum tube solar water heater panel. The vacuum tube collector operates with exceptionally high performance heat pipes. Due to the dry connection of the collector tubes using heat pipes, installation and removal of individual tubes is possible without draining the solar panels system. High-quality, corrosion-resistant materials guarantee high reliability and long service life.

How it works:

The vacuum tubes absorb solar energy and aluminum wings transfer the heat energy to the heat pipe. The liquid in the heat pipe boils and the steam travels up to the top of the heat pipe. The top bulb of the heat pipe (the condenser bulb) is in contact with cool water, which causes the steam to condense flows down the heat pipe. This cycle repeats so long as sunlight keeps heating the pipe and the top of the pipe is cool enough to condense the steam.

With no moving parts and quality materials, there is nothing to break, maintain or replace on a heat pipe combined with this aluminum fin to conduct the heat.