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20 Tube Solar Hot Water Panel


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High efficiency, fully SRCC certified vacuum tube solar water heater panel, 38 square feet. Use for home hot water, swimming pool water heating or commercial water heating applications. 20 evacuated tubes, 38 square foot area, 6 foot (1.8 meter) long glass tubes with copper heat pipes. Extruded Aluminum corrosion resistant frame. High pressure capable, complete freeze protection, excellent for drain back systems, easy assembly on roof. 20+ years lifetime.


Graded Al-N/Al selective coating, high energy absorption and low heat transfer losses

·highly evacuated with pressure ≤5×10-2 Pa in space between outer and inner covers, no heat loss

·High transparency with boron silicon glass, high resistance to cold water shock

·High 6 bar pressure capable

·Solar water panels can be joined in series

·Use for pools, thermo-syphon, drain back and active systems

·Use in pressure split systems

The latest heat pipe technology with guaranteed maximum performance!
• Certified by the ISE in Freiburg (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems)
• All necessary approvals in accordance with DIN Certco
• Solar Keymark certification and SRCC (USA) certification
• oblique incident solar radiation is converted into heat optimally
• High performance even with problematic alignment of the roof area
• Outstanding Quality
• Highly effective insulation for collectors and evacuated tube
• More than 94% efficiency
• Easy installation

Highest efficiency panel available, fully SRCC for tax credits and Solar Keymark certified with lowest cost per square meter of panel-an obvious first choice for split systems. Make your own solar water heater system, heat swimming pools or domestic hot water. Installation manual contains step by step instructions for do-it-yourself DIY solar hot water installation.​

TZ58/1800 20 Tube collectors are certified as having met Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) efficiency measurements and qualify for federal and state government rebate programs. Collectors also meet Canada Standards Association Standard F378-87, and are therefore eligible .  Optional Mounting stand for flat roofs available (http://www.freefuelforever.com/productdisplay/mounting-frame-solar-panels

 2 @ Seabird

1.8 meter/5.9 foot
1.8 meter
77 kg (170 lbs)


By walter gillies on

Well, if you ask a lawyer, they will always say "oh use a heat exchanger!"  That way, if the water has heavy chlorine or sediments, there are no issues with the solar collectors and you can chase the heat exchanger supplier when things get clogged up.

But let us think about this. The manifold is copper, yes. There will be some reaction with chlorine water or salty water, just like with the copper pipes in nearly every house in America. Sure, copper will turn green and a bit of scale will lose some heat transfer efficiency--- but not as much as a heat exchanger. A heat exchanger will cost almost as much as a couple of panels. Will the manifold fail? No, no more so than the copper pipes in the house fail with the same water running through them for decades. If scaling is a problem, use a water softening agent or run some vintages through the system from time to time to clean out the calcium deposits.

If it was me, I would just run the pool water straight and go easy on the harsh pool chemicals.